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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media?

a group of Internet-based applications (web-based and mobile technologies) that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content.

Social Media Landscape

Social media landscape is expanding very rapidly. Following image provides different ways we can categorize the Social Media sites. E.g Publish, Share, Discuss, Social Networks, etc. As of today Facebook leads the way with 800 Million subscribers. You can create and consume contents on any of those sites at click of your mouse.

Advantages of Social Media

Social media does not make money for you. But it does create a favorable relationship with your customer. People will do the business with person whom they like, and trust. Social media is easy way to achieve this. Following are the advantages for Social media. Concept from

As image highlights, Social Media is mainly used to remain “TOP OF MIND” of people, who will eventually become your customers.

A framework

Create Content

Content is the king. You have to have your own content so that people can take some action (comment, share, follow, etc.).

Find People

Embrace top 6 sites including Facebook / Linked-in / Twitter.  Other 3 should be from your niche e.g. Now build a strategy around it to publish the created content. E.g. Every time you have company event, keep posting news about it on all chosen Social Media networks starting few days before. Create a campaign to share information about event, get feedback from last event, etc. Such actions will create lot of curiosity and hence lot of following.

Capture Information

When users start taking actions, you will get content. This content will tell you the how people are reacting. E.g. you publish new WebSite, then people will provide comments about what they like and do not like about the website. This is the age of everything small. People like to click Yes/No rather than giving elaborated comments. Create meaningful questions and let users respond to them.  You will get information about how many people visited, liked, commented your content. This way you can also steer web-traffic towards your website where much more information is available.

Stay In Touch

Consistency is the word. You have to be very consistent in promoting your company’s image. You have to take positive and negative responses in consideration and respond accordingly. This is your company’s image, and you will have to protect it with timely and correct action.

Steps to promote

  • Write Blog/White-paper
  • Publish it on all social media
  • Have employees and other partner companies comment on it. (Like it, re-tweet it, share it, follow-it etc. )
  • Relentlessly process all the responses (mainly negative)
  • Promote Consistently.